Why Transition VC Invested in EMO Energy?

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Transition Venture Capitalhas recently invested in EMO Energy, a game-changing company at the forefront of transforming the Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. As a VC fund committed to funding visionary startups, we believe EMO Energy’s innovative solutions will contribute towards India’s drive for a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. 

EMO Energy, founded in 2021 by the talented duo Sheetanshu Tyagi and Rahul Patel, is dedicated to developing Safe, Powerful Battery Packs that can be charged within minutes, thereby facilitating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. With its in-house Battery Management System (BMS) and expertise in battery technology, EMO Energy is poised to become a leading powertrain company in India. 

Why We Invested in EMO 

Problems Addressed: 

Consumers in India encounter several hurdles when it comes to electric two-wheelers (E2W) and three-wheelers (E3W), including overheating, limited range, and slow charging. The lack of battery designs that can withstand heavy use and hot climate conditions has resulted in incidents of fire and safety concerns. There was a need for better Battery-Tech that ensure safety, enhanced performance, and rapid charging capabilities, even in challenging environmental conditions. 

OEMs also face multiple obstacles, such as subpar performance from Chinese cell manufacturers and a limited number of battery pack manufacturers with in-house technology capabilities. Additionally, compliance with government regulations, including the new AIS 136 standards, poses a significant challenge for many OEMs.  

Fragmented Market: 

The fragmented Indian market for electric two-wheelers (E2W) and three-wheelers (E3W) presents an untapped opportunity. Many smaller players lack in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities. EMO Energy’s innovative battery pack solutions address this gap, offering reliable and high-performance products to major industry leaders as well as emerging OEMs. 

Future Predictions: 

EMO Energy’s future is promising as the E2W and E3W markets continue to remain fragmented, providing them with a significant market share opportunity. By 2025, they could potentially capture 50%-75% of the 2W market and 70%-85% of the 3W market, amounting to an estimated $3 Billion market value. Their trajectory indicates strong potential for sustained growth and success. 

EMO Energy’s Solutions: 

  1. Direct Thermal Management (DTM): Their proprietary software-controlled system efficiently cools battery cells using specialized dielectric fluid, ensuring optimal temperature distribution, consistent operation, and rapid charging even in hot climates. 
  2. Battery Pack Construction: EMO Energy’s packs prioritize scalability, affordability, and uncompromising quality, resulting in robust and efficient battery packs that deliver reliable performance and durability.
  3. Battery Management Software (BMS) Hardware and Software: Their in-house developed BMS enables reliable high-current flow, precise measurements, real-time health and safety analysis, and seamless communication with server-based data processing, enhancing battery life,and performance.
  4. Machine Learning Prediction: By leveraging data from multiple sensors, their BMS enables proactive battery management, improved reliability, and prediction of battery failures. 

Transition VC’s Point of View: 

At Transition Venture Capital, we firmly believe that certain factors are crucial to the success of a Battery Pack Technology startup. These include the design and technology of the battery pack, manufacturing capabilities, and strong research and development potential. EMO Energy excels in all these areas, integrating mechanical, electronic, and software elements flawlessly. Their battery packs not only comply with the revised AIS-156 battery regulations but also possess the ability to work across various cell chemistries, enabling the development of both swappable and rechargeable battery solutions. 

Furthermore, their liquid-cooled thermal management systems, a result of seamlessly integrating software and power electronics with the immersed battery pack, provide superior performance and safety. EMO Energy’s pack design is built from scratch, ensuring tight cell packing, sealing for protection against leakages, dust, and water, and facilitating fast assembly on a large scale. Their smart Battery Management System (BMS) design and software contribute to understanding battery performance, enhancing the AI lifecycle model of the battery, and ensuring effective safety protections.  

The 2Kw battery pack features a modular design that facilitates racking, making it easier for the company to pivot to the heavy vehicle segment (EV Bus, EV Trucks, EV Heavy-duty machines) as well as energy storage systems. The smart BMS design and software are critical in understanding battery performance, enabling the AI lifecycle model to optimize battery efficiency. This ensures that the safety protections in place work effectively. 

Thank you for your continued support as we embark on this transformative journey with EMO Energy. Together, let us drive the change towards a sustainable and greener future from India to the world. 

About Transition Venture Capital

Transition Venture Capital is India’s first New Energy-focused VC fund, dedicated to supporting and investing in innovative startups driving the transition to a sustainable future. With a target corpus of INR 400 Crore ($50 Million), Transition VC aims to fuel the growth of 40 Deep-Tech start-ups across transitioning sectors such as E-Mobility, Green Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Net Zero Journey in Buildings, and Climate-tech. Transition VC brings a wealth of expertise and experience in evaluating battery pack technology companies, placing emphasis on design and technology, manufacturing capabilities, and strong research and development potential.  


Written by Simran Ganeriwal & Parth Saxena