Energy Transition


  • OEM – Ground, Aerial, and Marine vehicles manufacturers, etc.
  • Subcomponents – Motors, Controllers, BMS, Battery Packs, Cells, VCU, IoTs, Propellers, etc. 
  • Services – Logistics Service Providers, EV Financing, Service & Maintenance Platforms, and Resaling Platform, etc.
  • Energy Effciency – Increasing Equipment Efficiency, Industry 4.0 – Monitoring & Control, etc.
  • Carbon Infrastructure – Carbon Monitoring, Capture, Utilizations, Storage, and Trading Platforms, etc.
  • Energy Efficiency – Increasing Energy Efficiency, Smart Building Materials, IOT – sensing & control platforms, etc.
  • Power Semiconductor – Wide band-based devices, power device design, testing and development platforms, etc.
  • Open-source Architechture


  • Hydrogen – Generation (Next generation electrolyzes), Storage and Transport, advanced fuel cells, hydrogen combustors, etc.
  • Solar & Wind – Novel Panel & Turbine Materials, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Monitoring Platforms, etc.
  • Battery Storage – Novel Cell Chemistries- Na ion, Metal Air, etc. Electrode Materials, Battery Pack Manufacturing, etc.
  • Primary & Auxiliary Services – Financing & Leasing, Energy Storage as a service, etc.
  • Second Life Battery –Repurpose & recycling, etc.